Trina Rachelle

Trying to put myself in a category is not easy…I like so much. Here is an ever-growing, incomplete list of my goals and interests:

  1. Prioritize properly (family, friends, and faith make life worth living)
  2. Run for life (health and fitness are a huge part of my life. I battle RA and won’t let it slow me down)
  3. On-air radio personality (create a career where I get to write and talk to reach people and inspire lives)
  4. Vegan (a fun choice for me)
  5. Expand creatively (I enjoy writing, drawing/painting, snapping photos)
  6. Nature freak (so much beauty, animals are fascinating)
  7. Empress & Ogre (cultivate a hugely successful, giving business)

I know I’ll continue to change but that’s ok, hopefully only for the best. Please keep visiting my websites as they’ll be improving as I grow.