Earn What You Deserve

“You will get what you earned, not what someone else lost.” Those words were sent to me via text message and they are wonderful. What a great mantra to live by. It’s certainly easy to feel like we have to fight for what we think is ours in this world, but we are simply going to get what we deserve. The cynical streak in me thinks, “I bet!” However, the more amicable side of me has hope for it happening.

Since I want to deserve grand things, I will work to deserve those great things. The finer things in life are not reserved for a select few, there is plenty for us all. We do however, need to put forward a good faith effort for them to come back to us. Even those people who appear to have it all have faced challenges at some point in her or his life – and if they have made it this far without an obstacle, it will be interesting to see how well they deal when one arises.

I am determined to do great work regardless of how fast I receive benefit. My history with patience could make it a grueling process. However, I’ve been called persistent more than once in my life. There are several opportunities for me invest myself into causes I believe in and that are making an impact on lives. My work at 88.3 The Wind and with LeadHer Radio lets me use my creative brain, while my whole health affection gets satisfied maintaining Physical Matters. These are all entities that I hope will benefit from my contribution, and if I happen to earn something from my input then it will feel wonderful knowing that it’s mine because of what I did, not because of what someone else did not. -trvw