A Tribute to Mom

Sunday is Mother’s Day so I wrote a few poems.  Here are couple fun haiku and a more heartfelt free form poem to celebrate the day. Hope you enjoy them!


Mother’s Day Haiku
This is just for you to have
Next time you get mad.


Mom you’re super great
Let’s spend the day together
Quiet time, what’s that?


You dressed us up and fixed our hair
Other times were meant for play

You drove us here and took us there
Later on the keys were shared

You worked long hours to give us stuff
Vacation time was spent home with us

You made us stand with heads held high
Even when we’d rather cry

You worried if we weren’t on time
Then again you always do!

You shared with me some time ago
How you wanted to be a mom

You made that dream come to life
In fact you did it twice!

You are much more than a mom to us
Adjectives aren’t enough.

You are a light to the world
Bright and seen, never unnoticed.