Move More for Chronic Confidence

Having a chronic issue can take a toll on the way a person feels, the way they look, and the way they behave.  In the previous post I referenced three basic things that you can start doing now that will automatically help the way you feel.  In this post I’ll expound on Move More.

When someone feels better they will look and act better – everything is intertwined. One way to feel better fast is to move, even if it’s slow. Yes, many chronic illnesses can hinder movement but the idea isn’t to begin pro-athlete level training but to simply move your body more than before. Get the blood flowing by stretching, tai chi, or walking will help. The better you know your disease, the more you will know what you can’t do. That means you will know what you CAN do to move more. By taking control over your movement you will begin to appreciate what your body can do and that builds confidence. Confidence radiates and you’ll have a more positive outlook on life. A good attitude is contagious. Most radiant people that like being around a positive energy are going to be the type of people that are great to have in your life. This is a chronic cycle that you do want to have in your life and one that you can even have a little bit of control over. When you move more you set a positive chronic cycle into motion.

Next time I’ll elaborate on how to Eat Well for Chronic Confidence. ~trvw