Take Care of Your Personal Appearance for Chronic Confidence

Vain, narcissistic, and shallow are a few of the adjectives that get attached to people that appear to be high maintenance. Investing in ones personal appearance doesn’t have to be high maintenance and even if you choose for it to be it doesn’t mean you are any of the adjectives used above. Beauty and confidence do start on the inside but there’s nothing wrong with putting a bit of time into how your outsides appear.

In earlier posts I mentioned that if you Move More and Eat Well your chronic confidence can take a boost. Exercise and a good diet will start to make you feel better on the outside and that shows outwardly. That helps your perception of yourself. When you have something nice that you like to take care of then hopefully you’ll be motivated to take care of it and maintain it. Now that you’ve been moving more and eating well it shows on the outside and you like that. Now you can take it a step further. If you are more low maintenance, consider basic hair and skin care. Look for routines that allow you to have shiny hair and glowing skin but without too many steps. Shampoo and conditioner 2-1, tinted moisturizers, or aftershave with sunscreen are all ways to streamline your grooming process.

This portion of the series isn’t the easiest to write because appearance, beauty, and self acceptance are a struggle personally. It’s never been easy for me to look in the mirror and like what I see. Some days are better, some are bad. I love the feeling of appreciating and liking the reflection in the mirror. Those moments where I think, “that’s a cool chick, I’d want to be friends with her” are special and important. I believe every person deserves to feel that they like the person they see and not just because of the outer appearance but because you like the whole package. You like what you know they stand for. You like their morals, integrity, and grit. You like them enough to take care of them, inside and out. ~trvw