Hey, bud!

Trees and flowers are beginning to bud! Thankfully, signs of new, fresh green life is promising warmer days ahead. Many people with chronic conditions are sensitive to temperature changes. The extreme heat bothers my husband and the cold makes me a sad, mad, hurting person.  My grumbles spike during the colder months in attempt to manage the aches and pains that increase in such conditions.  It’s entertaining, one can only have a sense of humor that comes along with the silly struggles of getting caught in a bulky, turtleneck sweater on an icy day.

Like many insightful phrases tout, “In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present. – Francis Bacon

If it never got cold then I’d never realize how great life can be when the days are warmer. Not to mention the mood-boosting benefits from the sunshine! Many people struggle with the seasonal changes and adding chronic problems into the mix can be challenge. If you are the “chronic-coper,” give yourself a break and remember that, this too shall pass. If you know someone struggling with a “case of the chronics,” help them laugh and know that as sure as the sun goes down, it will come back up – hotter than ever! ~trvw