God Really? I’m Trying!

Grit is one of my favorite words and I like to use it as an acronym. Typically, I break GRIT down using these adjectives: Gorgeous (or Gratitude), Resilient, Intelligent (or Integrity), Tenacious. Today was amusing because while I was battling a morning of aggravation, God decided to have fun with me. Now, while I have a strong sense of faith, I’m not usually the person that “hears God.” Actually, I am usually the one that is struggling to understand what He needs me to be listening to. If that’s you too, you might like the book I’m in the middle of reading by Brant Hansen called, “Blessed Are The Misfits.” It’s amazing for those of us that feels like we’re missing something when it comes to our spiritual journey. Going back to my morning, I was fighting to find clarity and direction. I shouted, “God, really?! I’m trying!” It had been there and I had not seen nor heard it before, “God Really I’m Trying.” The focus I had been needing! A fresh take on GRIT and the opportunity to bring you the “GRIT because…” stories that we all have. You are, “Gorgeous (or have Gratitude), Resilient, Intelligent, Tenacious because… ” You say, “God Really I’m Trying because…” and more. It takes grit in the literal sense (courage and resolve; strength of character) as well metaphorically to make it through the paradox of life and you have it in you, it might just take GRIT to see and hear it! ~trvw

God Really I’m Trying