The Twisted Podcast: On the Road with Vince Miller

Welcome to The Twisted Podcast with Trina Wilcox. In an effort to make your listening experience easier, I’m combining GRITbecause and The FITCAT Few into The Twisted Podcast. The idea is to take the gritty stories of GRITbecause and the fitness focused chats from FITCAT and put them all into The Twisted Podcast. The history of Twisted is that years ago I wrote an article called, “My Twisted Gift” where I shared how my childhood diagnosis with JRA has pushed me in ways that I might not have otherwise tried. I took an obstacle and “twisted” it into something that I could glean from. It takes work to see a challenge as a gift but that’s what I continue to try to do every day.

As many runners know, life and running often imitate one another. Running has been a valuable teacher for many. Like in life and during a race, you might plan for one thing and another happens instead. How you react can possibly make your break the way you move through the rest of the race.

Vince Miller ran the Bass Pro Marathon this past Sunday on November 3rd, 2019. He shares how he had to twist his goals mid-race in this episode of Twisted. Hope you take a listen and twist your gifts every time they require you to tie a knot and hold on! ~trvw