Advocate For Yourself

If you’ve ever felt neglected by medical professionals, then you need to keep reading. You should NOT feel this way. These “pros” have committed their lives to a service career. They are supposed to want to help people understand what they don’t. When you are not feeling heard, it’s time for you to move on – quickly.

I got a “bad cold” the eve of flipping our calendars to the exciting year of 2020. Bummed to be sick but grateful for the extra day to stay in bed sick and recover. Except, because of a fragile system we call healthcare, it’s now 2022 and I’m still trying to recover. After two years of “complaining” or reporting my symptoms, numerous tests, different specialists, and finally getting an appointment at Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJH) with help from my spouse, I have a diagnosis.

As you can probably guess, it’s Long Covid or Long Haulers. I had contracted it early – before testing, before symptoms were even widely known, but I don’t feel like this should be an excuse for my “medical professional” to quit on me. I see a specialist for my JRA who did more than my Primary Care (PC) doctor but I still had to resolve that I needed more help and that I needed to fire my PC and get a new one, so I did. In the first visit with my new PC doctor the mention of trying BJH was recommended. Even though I had already scheduled an appointment myself, it was encouraging to hear that I would be given the referrals and support that I should have already received. Better late than never.